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Diamond Badder 

Diamond Badder is the industry terminology used to describe our concentrated THCa diamond dust and full spectrum terpenes whipped into a unique variety of cannabis concentrate. 

Live Sugar

Just as the name implies, our sugar products are made up of thousands of delicious, tiny THCa crystals. During the extraction process, THCa forms into crystals surrounded by a layer of terpenes, creating an aromatic and easy-to-use product.


Our proprietary process results in some of the purest shatter available on the market today. Shatter does not “off-gas” terpenes at the same rate as wax or sugar, which means it maintains peak potency for longer periods of time. When stored at a consistent, low temperature, shatter maintains potency and flavor for months at a time.

Diamonds & Sauce

When cannabinoids are purified and isolated under the right conditions they can form crystalline solids—these concentrates have earned the name “diamonds.” Diamonds are the crystalline structures that develop in sauce, a cannabis concentrate known for its glossy, runny texture.

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